An optical power meter (OPM) is the primary test instrument for fiber optic networks measuring optical signal power is an essential task for any fiber technician. However, as requirements for testing and certifying optical networks expand, technicians need their OPM to not just measure optical power, but also to document results and generate reports. Moreover, the rapid expansion of fiber into new applications has created an influx of technicians that are new to fiberoptic technology. These technicians need easy-to-use tools.


The PowerChek is an innovative new Optical Power Meter that equips fiber technicians with the ability to complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time – the first time. This compact Optical Power Meter now only measures optical power, it also provides additional benefits that allow them to ensure safe measurements, document results, generate reports, and integrate with other devices to enable numerous additional capabilities.
  • Eliminate the test lead when measuring optical power
    PowerChek connects directly with the bulkhead being tested by utilizing PowerChek connectors that attach to the device.
  • Always ensure a safe test
    By contacting the ferrule, instead of the fiber, the PowerChek will not damage the link under test.
  • Easily access your connections in any location
    Adjustable arm optimizes access to connector ports in densely populated and difficult to reach locations.
  • Pair with your mobile device over Bluetooth
    Use with FiberChekMOBILE app to measure & store readings in real-time, generate reports, and share results via email, etc.
  • Measure power and loss in general and high power applications in long-haul, metro, access and local area networks with wavelengths ranging from 780 to 1625 nm
  • Use with JDSU light source to detect modulation frequency and identify individual fibers.
  • Integrate with both FiberChekPRO and FiberChekMOBILE to run tests, export data, provide certification reports and manage acceptance criteria.
Key Features
  • Inter-Changeable PowerChek connectors provide direct testing to bulkhead port.
  • PowerChek connectors available in multiple types, including SC, LC, LC-APC, SC-APC, and more.
  • Bluetooth enabled for pairing with other devices
  • Micro-USB port to for PC connection to FiberChekPRO or charge device
  • Store up to 125 test results directly on the device.
  • Touch-screen display
  • Re-chargeable Li-ion battery provides 12 hours continuous use